The team

The team is made up of Sash and I:

  • I am a history-loving dog-loving weekend rambler; and
  • Sash is a dog, a very very good dog.

Although we often drag a friend or my partner along with us.

We may also have guest posts from other like-minded bloggers.

Our inspiration for this blog was finding ourselves unable to travel abroad (thanks COVID) and not knowing where to go with our dog in the UK. So we got our walking boots on and started to explore. We have now visited some of the most spectacular places I’ve ever seen and have grown a true appreciation for all the UK has to offer. In this blog we will share our adventures, including some pre-2020, to hopefully inspire your own.

Our aim is to help you and your dog explore the UK and beyond.

In addition to this blog, we are:

Helping you and your dog explore the UK and beyond

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Activities and accommodation that you and your dog can enjoy together.

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Breath-taking places to visit with your dog.

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