Balloon Ride over the Mendips

Balloon rides in Bristol (by From One Owner to Another)

This is not a dog-friendly travel post. I wish that I could have taken my pooch up in a balloon, but for obvious reasons that would not be allowed. Instead, this post is about an experience that you can have without your dog while in Bristol. You could always treat your dog to walk with someone else while you’re doing something special for you!

There are a few different companies that offer hot air balloon rides around the south west. I was lucky enough to fly with First Flight who offer a glass of bubbly and/or local ale at the end – bonus. The tickets are quite expensive, but I highly recommend it to anyone.

We took off from Churchill, about 25 minutes drive south of Bristol, and travelled over the Mendips and Cheddar Gorge. From up high I could see Wales, Glastonbury Tor, Bath, to name a few. It was spectacular. Cameras cannot do the views justice!

I would still recommend it to those afraid of heights (like me). I can’t explain it but there’s something that feels so secure about being in the basket, I had no fear at all. However, do your own research as only you know how you feel. Once you’re up there you’re not coming down till the ride is over.

12 thoughts on “Balloon Ride over the Mendips

  1. That looks like such a perfect way to see, well everything. If the photos don’t do it justice, I can’t imagine what it would have been like in person. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. Oh wow that’s amazing!!!! I like that you share something that is not dog-friendly too, because as much as we would like to take our fur friends with us everywhere – it isn’t possible. Great post and what an incredible experience!!

  3. I was lucky enough to ride a hot air balloon on vacation. We loved it though I agree probably not for our dogs. However they would have loved to bark from on high!

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