Dog-friendly Cotswolds – Stanton and Snowshill

Both Stanton and Snowshill are very pretty nostalgic British villages in the Cotswolds. Their charming beauty and quaint pubs attract visitors from all over the UK and beyond. There’s not really much else there. Dog-owners love them because, like the rest of the Cotswolds, they are surrounded by long walks in the gorgeous countryside.

Our trip

We attempted to do the Stanton to Snowshill circular route shown on AllTrails.

However, on the day it was pouring with rain, it got dark really early (it was November), we went off track and got lost somewhere in the middle, and NOTHING was open due to COVID 19 restrictions. So, we made it from Stanton to Snowshill and back again. For this reason, this post is pretty short and there aren’t too many photos.

We will redo this route at a later date and visit all three locations. Hopefully.

What to do with your dog in Stanton and Snowshill (the Cotswolds)

5 thoughts on “Dog-friendly Cotswolds – Stanton and Snowshill

  1. It may not have been ideal weather and you may have taken the scenic route (never lost), and nothing was open but those photos are stunning. I can’t imagine walking around and meeting a pony. That would just be too cool. I can’t wait to see what a full day looks like.

    1. I always find the forrests and the wildlife more exciting than the villages. It’s quite common to happen across ‘wild’ ponies and horses. My friend came across a herd of Exmoor ponies, which was amazing!

  2. Covid really messes up so many of our travel plans! Can’t wait until we all get it under control so we can see and do more. I agree with Adventuredawgs, it would be insanely cool to meet a pony in the wild ♥️

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