Dog-friendly Bristol – Conham River Park

Conham River Park park is a new find for us as we just didn’t notice it before. We have often walked along the River Avon Trail and taken the boat to eat and drink at Beese’s, but we didn’t realise that there was a park behind the trees. Not surprising as it’s art of the Avon Valley Woodlands. It’s quite a treat!

Conham River Park is a woodland area with ruins, a vast array of wildlife, and lots of areas to sit and picnic. There’s ample parking and, if you’re into it, it’s the local wild swimming spot. If you or your pooch do go swimming, please read the guidance first and be aware that boats, water boarders, kayakers, etc. also use this waterway. Stay safe!

Dog-friendly things to do near Conham River Park

Conham River Park is on the outskirts of Bristol and surrounded by residential areas and other nature reserves. You can get a ferry from Bristol Harbour to Beese’s Bar & Tea Gardens, wander around Conham River Park, eat at Beese’s and get the Ferry back. Perfect Sunday!

Dog-friendly places to eat near Conham River Park

There really is no other place worth eating at than Beese’s Bar & Tea Gardens. You will have to get the ferry over the river (there is a sign at the jetty opposite it), or arrive via boat or car separately. It is a dog-friendly pub that serves great food, has a large indoor and outdoor space, has live music and is very popular.

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  1. Ooo what a great find! I love when you find a park or something close to where you’ve been before but had no idea it was hiding there. Conham River Park sounds like a great one to check out.xx

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