Dog-friendly Malvern Hills Weekend Planner

Dog-friendly Malvern Hills Planner

This post aims to help you plan the best dog-friendly weekend in the Malvern Hills. The Malvern Hills are one of the 46 ‘Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ around the UK, which also includes the Cotswolds. Make sure that you share this post with friends on Pinterest and subscribe for all future posts!

About the Malvern Hills

The Malvern Hills are a small area (12km sq) of countryside that have popular walks and stunning views. The hills themselves are formed from ‘some of the most ancient rocks in England‘. The Malvern Hills Trust website have PDF maps of the northern and central parts and the southern parts of the hill range. Many say that on a clear day you can see as far as Snowdonia from the peak. The Toposcope atop the Worcestershire Beacon is the highest point of the hill range and offers a great picture opportunity.

Take care of your dog

Before we go any further, please note that we recommend some long walks (over 10 miles) involving some hills and off-lead running opportunities for your pooch. You should only do the distances and the routes that are best for you and your dog, and take breaks whenever you or your dog need to. We are big fans of AllTrails where you will be able to find lots of different routes in most of the places that we cover below. Please remember to pack appropriately for you and your pooch including water and snacks. Speak to your dog’s vet if you have any concerns.

Dog-friendly Malvern Hills Rambling Weekends

The Malvern Hills are a small area of countryside surrounded by towns and villages that you can use as a base for your explorations. Unlike our other planner posts (such as the Cotswolds and the Lake District), this post has one weekend plan – but we think it’s the best!

Dog-friendly Malvern Hills Weekend


There are lots of towns and villages around the Malvern Hills, but Eastnor Castle has to be the most exciting place to stay. The castle prides itself on being dog-friendly. Dogs can walk around the grounds, in the house and stay in the cottages available to rent on the estate. Perfect for a getaway with the family (including pooch) and/or friends.


Arrive, unpack and explore Eastnor Castle and its grounds. There is the castle (closes at 4:30pm) an arboretum (closes at 5:30pm), a maze (closes at 5pm) and a tea room (closes at 5:30pm).


Get up early, pack a bag and take the train (or bus) to the Great Malvern. Follow this 17km/10.6 mile route that takes you along the Malvern Hills ridge to Ledbury. This wonderfully descriptive post states that the route is medium due to the length, but not ‘challenging’. The end of the walk passes Eastnor Castle, you could stop here to finish the walk or continue into Ledbury for food or a celebratory drink!

If 10.6 miles is too long for your troop, look at doing a part of the walk or breaking it up with lots of stops and/or a picnic half way. You should only do what you and your dog are able to do. Alternatively, take one of these other routes.


After the long walk on Saturday, Sunday will be spent leisurely strolling around one of the local towns or visiting an event at the Three Counties Showground.

There are a number of local towns and villages. Of particular note are Malvern, Tenbury Wells and Upton Upon Servern.

The Three Counties Showground hosts events such as animal shows, festivals, music events, and dog shows! Depending on when you visit, you could take your dog to the annual Dogtastic event where your dog can enjoy agility training, meeting other dogs and you feeding them lots of treats!

Or, you could take the day to visit another Area of Natural Beauty – The Cotswolds.

Have you explored the Malvern Hills? Leave us a comment with any recommendations!

Dog-friendly Malvern Hills Weekend Planner

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    1. There are a few dog events and ‘festivals’ around us. Haven’t been to one with agility courses and things so excited for that! I bet that you have big ones in the US!

  1. To be honest, the cottages would be the best part of staying there. They look so welcoming, especially after a day of wandering the hills. What a lovely spot for a weekend.

  2. The castles sound lovely! We’ve always fancied the high life. 😀One day we’d love to travel to the UK and stay at one of those cottages. 🐱It looks beautiful! ❤️

  3. Exploring new areas with my furry friend is my favorite thing to do and I am always very happy to hear, that there are dog-friendly places all over our world!
    Malvern hill looks very, very beautiful!

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