Dog appreciation at Christmas

Christmas is coming and advertisers are loving dogs! Throughout the pandemic the demands for dogs soared, meaning many more new dog-owners and therefore advertising targets! This post is not about advertiser techniques nor the predictions of dog abandonment as people return back to work when the COVID restrictions are over. No, this post just celebrates the adverts that include dogs. Please note that I am not advocating for, being paid by, nor receiving any benefits from these companies, I just like the dogs! I hope that this encourages more dog adverts in years to come. Enjoy…

Retail adverts

John Lewis Alternative Advert – beautiful

DFS – we just love Gromit

Barbour – inspired by a Dachschund

Not on the high Street – there are dogs in it

Dobbies garden centre – I mean look

Charity adverts


I can’t look at anymore – they really pull at the heartstrings!

Dogs Trust

However, my favourite is not a dog. It is a goat:

Merry Christmas everyone!

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