Dog-friendly Bristol – Eastville Park

Eastville Park Sign

Eastville Park used to be our local dog-walking park and we walked around it nearly every day. It sits next to the M32 fishponds junction roundabout, opposite the big Ikea and Tesco. The park has lots to do with kid play areas, sports courts, bowling greens, an disused outdoor Victorian swimming pool, and vast open space for your dog to run around. The Victorian swimming pool (lido) was hit by a bomb in World War II rendering it useless, but local theatres and acting troops often use it as an atmospheric stage. It is surrounded by short walls with openings to enter and exit. It hosts music festivals, park runs, fitness classes, and is home to a wide variety of nature.

The park is a favourite amongst dog-walkers (e.g. Bristol Barkers and Walkiees) because you can just walk around the large park or incorporate it into a longer walk. For example, if you walk to the furthest edge of the park you will find a little pathway down to the River Frome, which you can follow to Snuff Mills and onto Oldbury Court. Alternatively, you could visit Eastville Park as part of the Bristol to Bath Railway Path (‘cycle path’) walk.

The park is a short walk or (dog-friendly) bus journey from the shopping centre in Bristol (Cabot Circus). You can drive and park in the small car park situated to the east of the park, or you can park on the many residential streets (for free) to the east and/or north of the park.

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