How to spice up your everyday dog walks

Bristol graffiti

These days we are too quick to get away and see something new, see something special, that we miss the wonders of our own cities. How often do you stop and really look at your local village, town, city, etc.? Have you ever taken a tour? If not, why not?

I live in a large UK city and I pretty much stick to the same dog walks, the same places to eat and drink, and the same areas in general. So I decided to do some of the local tours to really see my wonderful city. After all, only through knowledge of the past can you truly understand the present.

The Bristol Street Art Tour

Pre-COVID 19, a friend and I did the Bristol Street Art tour. Bristol is famous for it’s street art (aka graffiti) and it’s artists, such as Banksy. Our streets are painted with everything from stunning masterpieces sprawling across the side of a building to secret ‘chewing gum‘ art hidden in plain sight. I had walked down every street in the tour, but I recognised less than 10% of the art that the tour guide highlighted.

Through this tour I uncovered a whole new world of street art. Their rules, their respect, how they have to hide from the police, how some street art is even commissioned by the property owner, how images of the dead are left untarnished out of respect, and so much more. I was amazed at my own ignorance of the art around me, the street art world and the role that Bristol plays.

This tour was truly eye-opening. And the best bit, it’s dog-friendly!!!

The Historic Bristol Tour

Post COVID 19, my mum and I did a virtual Historic Bristol Tour. We downloaded an app that guided you through the 1.5 hour tour of Bristol city’s centre. As you will know by now, I am a proud Bristolian and a bit of a history buff. I was so surprised by the things that I learned during this tour.

The things that shocked me:
1) Bristol’s horrendous history with slave trading starts in the Anglo Saxon times
2) Bristol has a leaning tower that is one of the most leaning towers in the world after Italy’s leaning tower of Pisa
3) The famous Bristol Old Vic theatre was built outside of the Bristol city wall because it didn’t have a licence to show plays, the large Georgian front was built once it was accepted by authorities

These are just a few of the things that I learned on this tour about a city that I claim to know and love so well. Plus, the pooch had great fun wandering around and being able to take in the smells at the stops.

Tips to spice up your everyday dog walks

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  1. We love street art, and your pictures are beautiful. It really is exhilarating to explore your hometown and see the beauty in the little things you take for granted. One day we will need to check out Bristol, it looks like a beautiful piece of the world. Super puppy friendly too!

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