Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays) From Us

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the holiday period is greatly appreciated and celebrated in the UK (just take a look at our adverts!). It can be a great time for dogs too as everyone is home and ready to play, sometimes they even get gifts! In this post we suggest things that you can do to give your dog a fantastic festive holiday.

Please note that I am not advocating for, being paid by, nor receiving any benefits from any company mentioned below! 

Buy them a gift

During lockdown we tried out lots of toys (I’m sure that you got bored too). Sash isn’t really interested in toys to play by herself as she mainly wants our attention and some social play. Her favourite toys are not actually dog toys but children’s teddy bears. She cuddles them for while and soon starts playing tug of war, finally tearing them apart. As these teddys give her some job when she’s by herself, we invested in some proper dog toys.

Sash’s favourite was a teddy bear, whereas our favourite was this dinosaur as it lasted much longer! Most of our friends have recommended snuffle matts and kongs.

Take them for a walk

This one is pretty obvious but spend some significant time with your dog outside. Plan the walks that you’ve always wanted to do and visit the places that you’ve always wanted to. Explore your local countryside with your family and dog.

For inspiration, you should search our posts and what the National Trust has to offer.

For an extra good feeling, why not support a local dog charity or shelter, or for that matter any charity, by buying your Christmas gifts from them. You can even send gifts to animals in shelters – take a look at your chosen charity’s Christmas gift wish list to find something meaningful.

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