Dog-friendly Nunney

Nunney is a small village in Somerset about an hour’s drive from Bristol and Castle Combe. People visit to see the pretty village, walk in the countryside and explore the exquisite medieval (dog-friendly) Nunney Castle. Make sure that you share this post with friends on Pinterest and subscribe for all future posts!

The village is popular with tourists and dog-walkers, and so the limited parking spaces (road side) can fill up quickly. We recommend avoiding early afternoons and booking places to eat in advance.

Our trip

We visited Nunney to see the castle and go for a country walk. We parked in the village and took the dogs to the castle, which is in the village. You can walk the dogs around the moat and into the castle ruins. Please note that they aren’t allowed to jump onto the ruins themselves. You can explore the small site in 20 minutes or you can take your time and picnic in with the castle as a stunning backdrop – see more pictures near the end of this post.

The Castle is a great place for your pooch to explore and for kids to learn about some of more exciting aspects of history. Who doesn’t love a good story about castles, knights and battles! For example, this castle was involved in the civil war where the Charles I supporting Cavaliers used it as a refuge until they fell to a siege by the Parliament supporting round-heads.

Next we took the dogs for a 3.7 mile walk in the countryside around the village. The walk takes you through fields, over streams and through a horse training area. There’s lots of opportunity for your pooch to run off the lead, play in the water and get muddy on the paths. The walk is easy and great for inquisitive kids as well as dogs, although not buggy friendly.

In the village you can find a few places to eat, an idyllic post office and a waters edge frequented by ducks and other birds. To find this area look for the Market Cross that stands on a platform. The Market Cross itself has an interesting history. It was originally part of the Church yard only to be removed and disposed of in 1869. It was restored by an architect and in 1959 returned to the village using funds raised by a village fair.

Dog-friendly things to do

The best thing to do in this region is to explore the gorgeous countryside with your pooch. They will love the exciting smells, long-distance walks, and variety in landscape. You can read more abut the Brecon Beacons here.

Dog-friendly eateries

In Llanthony, you can take your dog to the The Half Moon Inn or the Llanthony Priory restaurant (not dog-friendly). Alternatively, you can travel to a dog-friendly eatery in one of the near-by villages or towns.

Dog-friendly accommodation

You can search for accommodation in all the usual places (e.g., AirBnb, TripAdvisor). If you’re looking to stay close to the walk, try these places:

We weren’t able to verify whether or not Wild Wales Holidays was dog-friendly.

Dog-friendly things to do in Nunney

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