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The Peak District is a national park that spans 555 square miles (1,438 square kilometres). We spent a beautiful morning exploring the park as a pit stop on our long drive to York. You can read more about York here. There’s lots for you and your pooch to do a see in the park, we drove through the park to Stanage Edge.

Stanage Edge has four miles of gritstone edge and has some spectacular views from the top

I know. We don’t seem to ever visit places on sunny and clear days. Welcome to England!

You can park your car at Hollins Bank & Picnic area, Hook’s Car or Dennis Knoll. After 5-10 minutes of walking you reach the top. Some routes are steeper than others. On top you find walkers, runners and rock climbers. I am pathetically afraid of heights and so didn’t get close enough to the edge to get a picture of them. In fact, my partner tried to get a picture of me with my legs dangling off the edge and I couldn’t get close enough to the edge to take it! It’s not that high…I’m just pathetic!

You may recognise the beautiful scenery from recent films such as Pride and Prejudice starring Keira Knightley. There are some themed tours of the park if this interests you.

What this picture doesn’t show you are the herds of sheep that reside here. You should keep your dog on the lead until you’re confident that you’re far enough away. These sheep are not afraid to stand their ground and ‘square up’ to dogs… trust me.

If you are brave enough, you can make your way to Robin Hood’s cave. These visitors were much braver than I and give some guidance on how to get there: Snap and Saunter and the Bald Hiker.

For lunch we stopped at the dog-friendly Scotsman’s Pack Country Inn. Your pooch is allowed inside and out. We sat outside next to a pretty little stream that runs alongside the pub. The standard menu and food was very good, but the locals highly recommended visiting on a Sunday for a roast dinner.

Other useful sources

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  1. We always have cloudy days in Portland, Oregon as well, I absolutely know what you mean! Also those cliffs and views are gorgeous, but we would also be nervous to get too close to the edge. Beautiful trip!

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