Dog-friendly Pensford

The Pensford Viaduct
Culvery Wood
Sash loving Pensford

Our trip

A few of the girls (all dogs were also female) from our little dog-owning walking group, took a trip to the very dog-friendly Pensford and around Culvery Wood. What more do we have to do these days?!

Pensford is a very pretty little village with a pretty little green, church and some nice local walks. Of course the main feature is the large Pensford Viaduct that dominates the skyline.

While aesthetically striking, the Pensford Viaduct is actually an unsellable structure that can no longer allow trains to travel over it. The viaduct was built in 1874 so that trains from Bristol could pass over the River Chew. The last train travelled over the bridge in 1959 meaning that it was operational for a total of 85 years.

We followed this circular route. It takes you from the Rising Sun pub (there is a small entrance to the walk to the right of the pub), through some woods, through fields, beside the water, and under the bridge. Quick tip, bring wellies as it can get quite muddy in the fields near the water. Finally, parking is tight around the Rising Sun pub and gets busy quickly, but there is ample parking elsewhere in the village.

After our walk around the Culvery Wood we stopped for a drink at the Rising Sun. This very dog-friendly pub has a large garden with views of the viaduct – this article has a great picture (our pictures are full of signs relating to COVID measures). It offers great food and of course a drink! They are known for their roasts, we are yet to try one but it’s on the list!

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  1. That is such a great picture of Sash and the first photo looks like something out of a fairytale. You are so lucky to have so many places to walk and bring the pups.

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