Dog-friendly Savernake Forest

Savernake Forest is a privately owned forest with over a thousand years of history, including being a royal hunting ground prior to 1550 and the base of the US soldiers ahead of the World War II Normandy invasion. It is privately owned by the Earl of Cardigan and his son, but managed by the Forestry of England under a 999 year lease.

You can park for free at the main car park ‘Postern Hill‘ or at one of the many roadside ‘picnic stops’ along the road. There is unfortunately nowhere to eat in the forest, but there are lots of places to eat in the nearby town Marlborough.

There are lots of maps around to help you plan your route. Alternatively, you can follow this 4.11 mile route from visorando that takes you to the best parts, including this arboretum. Click on the amber text to see the route and download a PDF.

You must visit this place in the autumn (‘fall’ for all over the pond). The arboretum contains trees with the most beautiful autumnal colours. Lots of families visit with their dogs – we met a gorgeous family of Staffordshire bull terriers and a rather scary family of huge Huskies. There were plenty of children playing on the overturned trees and looking for various wild animals.

A very pleasant afternoon.

What to do with your dog in Savernake Forest

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  1. That foliage is incredible. The colours are just outstanding and match Sash really well. It’s a good thing you don’t have to worry about that 999 year lease running out any time soon.

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