Six ways you can help rescued animals during the festive seasons

During the festive seasons people celebrate religious holidays (such as Christmas, Eid, Diwali, Ramadan and Hanukkah) or simply having time away from work. Whatever the reason, they are usually times of charity and giving. Here are six ways that you can help rescued animals:

1. Donate some much needed money

This is an obvious one, but an important one. All charities need money to keep providing their vital services. For example, in the UK these charities are well worth donating to:

  • The RSPCA who do amazing work finding and protecting animals in bad situations
  • The Blue Cross who help sick, injured and abandoned pets
  • The Dog’s Trust who care for unwanted and rescued dogs, and ‘never put a healthy dog down’
  • And many many more that do amazing work – good charities in your area

2. Buy presents for the animals

Some of us prefer to give presents during the festive period. Many charities and rescue centres now have Amazon wish lists that detail what they currently need. Look at the websites of places in your local area to see if there’s anything you can give. For example, near me these centres have wish lists that include food, bowls, blankets, etc.

3. Buy presents from the charity

Many charities make money by selling products. You can often find great cards, small gifts and meaningful gifts (e.g. sponsoring an animal). Some of the above charities offer such products, see what the charities in your area do.

4. Volunteer your time

Volunteering is a great way to give to a charity and can even add to your CV! For example, Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary offer volunteer roles (and therefore EXPERIENCE IN) office roles, fundraising roles, driving roles, and so many more. Whereas the Blue Cross offers opportunities like events planning, gardening, communications, and so on. Some roles require more time and effort than others. See if there’s something that fits your schedule, even if it’s just holiday cover.

5. Fundraise

Find your running shoes, sit in a bath of beans, throw ice cold water over yourself. Anything to raise money for these charities. It’s a great way of keeping fit and having fun, while doing a good thing. Plus, you often raise far more money than you would be able to give yourself. The cancellation of events such as the London Marathon have shown how reliant charities are on the fundraising activities of you and me.

6. Rehome an animal

If you find that you’re going to have lots more spare time (or will be working from home moving forward) and are thinking about getting some four-legged company, why not rehome a pet?

This is a big commitment and I am a big believer of a pet being for ‘life and not for Christmas’, but the world has changed a lot and many of your lives may have changed with it. See if you’re ready using the Dog’s Trust Quiz.

Again, there will be lots of places local to you with amazing pets looking for a new home. Please do consider rehoming a pet if you are thinking of getting a four-legged friend.

These are some of the places looking to rehome pets in the UK (spread the word!):

Six ways that you can help rescue / rescued animals

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  1. These are all beautiful ideas. I had no idea you could buy or bring gifts, I am definitely going to do that. I firmly believe in rescuing animals over buying. Thank you for the great information.

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