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Weekly dog-friendly UK weekend travel blog posts, tips, guides, planners, and more.

Established in 2010, we aim to inspire dog-owners to explore all that the UK has to offer. If you like our content, don’t forget to subscribe below or follow us on social media.

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Latest Posts

Top 21 Dog-friendly Chains

We are great advocates of shopping local, supporting local and giving back to the community, but there are times (especially in a city) when you are at a loss and just want to find something that you know will be dog-friendly. In this post we share the top 6 dog-friendly accommodation chains, top 9 dog-friendly […]

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gray concrete clock tower

Dog-friendly Glasgow Planner

Glasgow is a Scottish city that we are yet to visit. “With Glasgow’s many green spaces and dog-friendly venues, the city is a great place to visit with your four-legged friend” (People Make Glasgow). In this post we detail all the dog-friendly things that you can do in Glasgow. Glasgow is a large city on […]

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Dog-friendly Ullswater Lake

Dog-friendly Lake District – Ullswater Lake

“It is pure and tranquil and relatively unspoilt by the tourism and commercialism that blights many other Lake District towns.” Ullswater Lake is the deepest and, some say, most beautiful lake in the Lake District. It was formed by a large glacier following the last ice age and is the second largest lake in […]

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