The best dog travel Christmas gifts from Etsy

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Christmas, and many other religious celebrations, is nearly here (where has this year gone?!) and we’ve been thinking about gifts for our pooch. Although we often bow to the convenience of Amazon and other large chains, we are believers in shopping local as much as possible and supporting independents and/or charitable causes (see our post on how to help rescue dogs during the festive season). So, this year I’ve been scouring Etsy for gifts as there’s usually lots of different and independent (not all) sellers. Due to personal circumstances, we haven’t been very adventurous this year but plan to do lots of weekend escapes next year and so need dog-travel accessories! Please note that we are not advertising Etsy, Amazon or any product for money, Etsy and the sellers are unaware of this post (and most likely us!).

Dog-travel gift ideas on Etsy

Source: Travel Dog Car Seat Bed Carrier Booster Collar & Seat Straps. – Etsy UK

Dog car seats

If there’s enough space in the car, a car seat might be a good idea for dogs who often travel long distances. Sash loves being in her own bed on the back seat when we do long journeys but it concerns me as it’s not fixed to the seat. We’ve been looking at purpose built seats that fit to the car and so are safer in the event of a crash, or just hard braking! This one has good reviews but there are lots to choose from on Etsy and elsewhere.

Travel water bottles

We find that Sash is more than happy to drink out of the water bowls provided by eateries or fresh streams on a trail, but ew have been caught out before and (especially long car journeys!). So we’re adding a water bottle to this year’s gift list. Again, there are lots of different options but I though the names and colours on these ones rather sweet. For those more hardened travellers (especially campers), you might need to look for more sturdy options.

Travel bowls

Our collapsible bowl is great for travelling as can be used while out or be their bowl at the accommodation. We have a no frills bog-standard bowl that does the job brilliantly. However, these bowls with a cute design make a brilliant and useful gift for your pooch of another travelling dog-owner!

Travel bags

If you’re like us, you will put all of your dog’s stuff in their bed and chuck it in the boot of the car. You will then pile lots of other stuff on top of it and get frustrated when you can’t find something or it all falls out at your destination. So, we’re genuinely considering buying a bag for Sash to keep all of her things tidy and together. Should man that we also organise our things!

Source: Toby and Alexander Super Absorbent Quick Drying Dog Bathrobe – Etsy UK

Travel towels

We all love a beach day, jumping puddles, or simply just walking in the rain! This one has some great reviews and is apparently ‘ultra absorbent’, which is exactly what you need for a wet dog. especially if you’re trying to make a quick getaway in the car!

Source: Portable Dog Paw Cleaner – Etsy UK

Travel dog showers/baths

Etsy doesn’t have a great range of portable dog showers, like the Mud Daddy, but they did have some cute little things that would work as father Christmas gifts!.

I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning this back seat car cover: AMZPET Dog Car Seat Cover (Universal: 133cm Wide) – Waterproof Car Seat Covers for Dogs and Children, Nonslip, Scratch Proof – Premium Quality Car Seat Protector – Isofix Car Seat Compatible : Pet Supplies. This cover has protected the backseats in our new car from scratches, mud, water, hair, and the unfortunate misshap! It is from Amazon not Etsy; again a genuine recommendation not a paid advertisement.

Thank you for reading. We hope that you have a wonderful Christmas, or other celebration! Make sure that you share on Pinterest and subscribe for all future posts!

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